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Pedicure Infra Sauna Body Shampoo Body Balance

Ear Candling

A special candle that is inserted into the ear canal and as it is lit, it creates a vacuum and clears out the ear wax and infections.

Body Shampoo

This treatment is an aloe body wash, which is with enzymes (active) aloe vera and coconut oil soap. This wash will leave no film on the skin and will eliminate unsightly clogged pore bumps. Clients using aloe body was daily will lose up to 40% more weight than clients that use other body cleanse.

Florida Spa had been proudly serving the South Florida area for over 32 years.

Energy Balance

This is designed and developed to restore the body's balance and energy levels. It also aids in its natural detoxification process. In addition, it is proven to balance and restore the body’s pH and electromagnetic energy.

Additional Health Spa Services

Infra Sauna

Benefits - McGraw-Hill encyclopedia reports medical practitioners make use of infrared radiant heat to treat sprains strains, bursitis, peripheral, vascular disease, arthritis, and muscle pain.  

Salt Glow

Mud Bath: Cleanse the body to remove dead skin and brighten the skin. The mud bath is a product from the Dead Sea which is infused with Dead Sea salts and minerals (15 minute body therapy) cleanses skin from dirt and impurities effectively moisturizes and restores skin elasticity for all skin types. 45-minute sessions.

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New Solarium

Come in and enjoy our newly added Solarium for tanning.  A private relaxing space for your sun bathing.  This is a Free service we are providing for our clients for a total Spa experience.